Camping Repair- & All-roundService

We are a certified servicing company that offers a full Repair- & All-roundService in the camping sector.

Sealing gasket, protective cover, carpentry work or safety precaution, such as gas inspection for all mobile homes, caravans and permanent campers–everything will be organized by a single company. This will save you money as well as hassle, and allow you to enjoy your carefree vacation.

The gas inspection certificate is accepted Europe-wide.

Höcker Repair- & All-roundService

Why is gas testing mandatory in mobile homes?

Gas testing in motor homes and caravans is required for the main inspection (HU), often called “TÜV”. Without passing the gas inspection, no TÜV for mobile homes will be obtained.

Many campsites or pitches require a gas inspection certificate. For your own safety, you should have the gas inspection repeated on a regular basis. In this way you can ensure that your gas system is in proper condition. Since gas leakage can lead to suffocation or explosion. If a fire is caused by a gas installation of your motorhome, and if it spreads over to other vehicles or buildings, your insurance company may refuse to cover the costs of damage, if you do not possess a valid gas inspection certificate. In motor homes, the gas installation must be tested and approved of by an expert before activating it for the first time. In new vehicles, this service is often provided by the manufacturer. The owner of the vehicle is then responsible for ensuring that the gas installation is tested every two years.

Höcker Repair- & All-roundService A certified servicing company