Maintenance- & Repair Service

Camping-All-round-Carefree-Service for all mobile homes, caravans & permanent campers. From gas inspection to carpentry work or window replacement

Campingservice G607 Gasprüfung

All-round carefree

on vacation on four wheels

Nothing will prevent you from enjoying your well-deserved vacation with the All-round-Carefree-Service-Package offered by Höcker Repair- & All-round Service. A certified servicing company that will ensure you to fully enjoy your carefree vacation despite any shortcomings.


Gas Inspection for
all watercraft

Europe-wide arrival for gas inspection at your port. Spare parts & sale of supplies for gas installations

We are testing all watercraft of up to 24m hull length Europe-wide.

Sailing Boats – Yachts – Motor Boats


Certified Servicing Company

Höcker Repair- & All-round Service is a certified servicing company
that ensures your safety.
Our offer refers to kitchens, construction cabins, site trailers, construction camps, kitchen-containers, alpine huts, markets, both in the private as well as in the commercial sector.

Gas inspection for commercial installations

Spare parts & sale of supplies for gas installations

Maintenance- and repair service

for all containers and storages in the commercial and private sector

Maintenance- and repair service for all construction cabins, site trailers, kitchen-containers and construction camps. This includes technical inspections of gas connections, installations and officially certified maintenance.

Season Camper Insurance

Provides the best insurance for your motor-home and caravan.

Independence, freedom and vacation feeling – what are your moods around your motor home? For many, a fixed location of of their motor-home became the second-home with durable extensions like protective-roofs, awns and other amenities. These caravans are often used throughout the year and for seasonal camping. Therefore one must consider many risks like fire, hail storm and other environmental dangers which might lead to considerable damages.

Gerald Höcker

I started my professional career as a mechanic for cars, trucks and construction machinery. Ten years ago, I became a passionate camper and acquired my first mobile home. I have noticed the missing supply of a specialized service at campsites and have completed a training as a certified expert in the field. In December 2018, I founded the servicing company Höcker Repair- & All-round Service. Due to my training, I am now able to offer the full all-round service.