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Why is gas testing mandatory on motorized watercraft?

Law requires that the LPG systems on boats, sailing boats and yachts are tested every two years.

After having passed the gas inspection through a certified expert (G 608), you will receive an inspection badge for your boat or yacht as well as an entry that serves as an inspection certificate for the purpose of documentation and periodic inspection (blue inspection book). The valid inspection badge and the gas inspection certificate are required for the operation of LPG systems on boats, sailing boats and yachts.

It is about your own safety: LPG is highly flammable and explosive in combination with oxygen.

On boats you have the additional problem that gas is heavier than air. Due to the hull being closed, it may happen that the gas does not “run off” properly and in case of a leak accumulates in the gas system in the bilge.

In cases of fires and accidents, your insurance company may refuse to cover the costs of damage, if you do not possess a valid gas inspection certificate.

Those responsible at national borders and ports may refuse to accept your boat, if you do not possess a valid gas inspection certificate.

It is therefore mandatory to have your gas installations tested on a regular basis by a certified expert.

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